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As we get closer to breaking ground on the new River Pines water distribution project, it's time for a few thoughts:

(1)  To those of you who don't know yet - RPPUD is in the process of obtaining Grant Funding from the California Department of Water Resources.  A Grant is awarded by the State of California and is NOT required to be paid back.

(2)  A Grant does however, require the RPPUD to start with a loan application to the State of California.  Once the paperwork is filed, the state looks at our financial situation.  Now, this is where the Income Survey we all did recenthly comes into play.  It established River Pines as a "Severly Disadvantaged Community."  This designation means that the loan application will become a Grant.  Once again, a Grant is NOT required to be paid back.  It is essentially "free" money.  Other than the piles and piles of paperwork and filing fees that it requires, it is of no cost to the RPPUD.

(3)  This Grant money is then released by the state to the District as vendor bills come due and payable.  All vendor invoices are then submitted to the state for review and approval.  Once the state has approved submitted invoices, the state will then release funds to pay ONLY invoices submitted at the time.  All invoices MUST be submitted to the state for approval and payment.

(4)  We all will be inconvenienced while the construction is carried out.  The water lines will be placed in our "already crowded" roadways so traffic will be challenging at best.  Every effort will be made to mitigate the delays and detours but we will all need an extra shot of patience while our new system is installed.

(5)  Once finished, however, we will have a excellent supply of clean Sierra water.  Not only will the chlorine issues be minimized, but the water pressures will becontrolled, additional fire hydrants will help insurance rates and all meters will be secure at the roadside in front of each residence.  Big Improvements!

(6)  Finally, everyone will benefit from this leap to the future?  The Board of Directors of the River Pines PUblic Utility District thanks you and all residents of River Pines for your pateince and support!

                                                            WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!

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