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River Pinions

Careful who's hand you shake.  Your neighbor may be the person who decided to stuff the RPPUD dropbox with exrement.  That's correct, one of our own residents decided to let S**t do the talking instead of coming to a RPPUD meeting to let his/her feelings be known.  We have an element in our town that seems to know only negativity and complaint but will not show up and excersize their lawful right to be heard.  One can only wonder at the need to do harm to our own town instead of seeking a solution.  Speaking only for myself, I find this act disgusting and I hope the cameras reveal the culprit.

On to a more productive topic, our General Manager, Candi Bingham has been given an extension of her contract through the year 2019.  She will work for the same salary and continue to pay for all of her expenses when she travels to River Pines to fulfill her on site duties.  Candi will continue to serve remotely utilizing the internet, phone and mail services.  Our website has all of her contact information so she can be reached any time during regular business hours and the office hours for when she is in each month.

Candi has done an excellent job for the District since assuming the General Manager's spot in January 2015.  To list just a few of these accomplishments:

  • organized a totally disfunctional office
  • facilitated a change from a monthly fiscal shortage to a positive cash flow situation in the RPPUD bank accounts (we even have a Capital Improvement Account!)
  • facilitated several grants for the District at no extra charge to the District.  Previous grant applications were costing $5,000 or more and may not have been successful.
  • orchestrated a change, operating with the Board of Directors, to the water and sewer operations to bring efficiency and cost savings to our RPPUD.  This has resulted in more reliable operations and smoother functioning in all areas of our District

We all owe Ms. Bingham a debt of gratitude and I, for one, am thankful she stays with us to continue her efficient service.  Thank you, Candi

So, finally please allow me to invite you all to our monthly Board of Director meeting on October 10th at 5:30 p.m.  The public comment portion of the meeting will allow you to give voice to any concerns you may have.  Please be prepared, comments are limited to 3 minutes per person and must be made from podium.  Comments from seated audience members are not allowed as they cannot be heard on the recordings.

Thank you for participating

Rick Miller, Board Chair



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