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A Message - from Board Chair Rick Miller

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When two well respected members of the Amador County goverance community come to an RPPUD Board meeting and compliment the improvements in our District, as well as our well run meeting, that says something.

Our March 14 River Pines Board Meeting was well attended by members of the public and I would like to extend my appreciation to those who came with their statements and questions.

At the meeting we welcomed Roseanne Chamberlain, Executive Officer of Amador County LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission).  Roseanne explained to those in attendance how the process will work to finalize the River Pines Public Utility District's "Sphere of Influence and Boundaries."  This process will legally include all outside the boundaries current customers to be included within the River Pines Public Utility District's boundaries.  To legally include these current customers is a requirement by the state for grant funding for the District's Water Distribution Project.  Roseanne's visit was highly informative.

Roseanne mentioned that she had been involved with River Pines Public Utility District approximately 9 years ago and the difference, in a positive direction, was like night and day.  Thank you, again, Roseanne!

Bruce Baracco, Baracco and Associates then gave an informational presentation concerning the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigating Monitor and Reporting Plan.  Whew!  Say that fast 10 times!  Simply put, it's a study to show that our new water system will not have a negative effect on the environment.

Bruce briefly went over the study and a few proposed corrections and we will have a special meeting in two weeks (March 28) to approve the corrected version.  Bruce also complimented the positive changes in our District.

I would like to personally thank the members of the public who attended and commented at our meeting.  It is greatly appreciated that we can have orderly public participation and helpful comment/discussion exchanges.  This editor believes River Pines and the River Pines Public Utility District are moving together into a new era of communication, openness, understanding, and co-operation.

Please feel free to submit suggestions to or drop them by the office.  You may also reach me directly at (209) 304-4638.

Rick Miller, Chairman of the Board

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